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Crash between two cars

Have you been involved in an accident?

We can help you 

save money, time and 

a whole lot of hassle

  • Protect your no claims bonus and premiums
  • We'll set up and manage your claim
  • We'll deal with your vehicle
  • And we'll get you back on the road again!

Contact our friendly team 

01252 279855 




We will then advise you of the best options once we have qualified the circumstances of the accident and your insurance excess;

Did you know that often registering a claim directly with your insurance agency when it is not necessary can increase your premium whether you go through with the claim or not? 

Helping you with your claim

If required, we will set up a claim with your insurance company and will get authorisation to talk to them on your behalf; 

We will make a recommendation of where the vehicle can be repaired however this will be your final choice Ė remember it is your legal right to choose where your car is repaired, not your insurers;

If the car is not roadworthy, we will arrange for it to be collected and stored at the repairers;   

If it is a non-fault claim, then a like for like vehicle will be supplied. For fault claims then a courtesy car maybe supplied dependant on availability; 

Assessing the damage

We will ask you to take images of the damage and then send them to us using our mobile application, or we can carry out a mobile estimate if you live in and around the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire borders. We can also receive images via WhatsApp and email if necessary;

Our team will compile a fully costed estimate, and this will be forwarded to all relevant parties; 

Getting you back on the road quickly

Once authorised (and we will be chasing on your behalf daily) the vehicle will be collected and if it hasnít already happened you will be potentially offered a courtesy car (claim and availability dependant); 

You will be updated on the status of the repair work on a regular basis; 

On completion of the repairs any excess (possibly discounted) will be paid to the repairer if a fault claim before the car is released; 

Peace of mind

All repairs carry a 5-year warranty.

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